If you own an old, large oak, elm, or pine, you’ve probably been witness to quite a few thunderstorms and windy days. Excessive amounts of wind can damage large branches, causing them to break off from the tree. Huge pieces of wood such as these branches are almost impossible to break by hand and that’s why you need a reliable tree debris grinding service. This service will cut up all those chunks of debris so you no longer have to worry about them. They can remove stumps as well and the stump grinding cost from our contractors is never too expensive.

Need a Tree Moving Service?

Have you ever wanted a large oak in your front or back yard and just didn’t have the patience to wait 10 years for the sapling to grow? Hiring a tree moving service can enable you to get that gigantic tree you’ve always wanted. Contractors have special machinery and nurseries full of large trees just waiting to be transplanted!

If you want to move a tree, need tree debris grinding, or just have tree questions for an expert, Luddite Inc. is here to satisfy all your needs.